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Tools and accessories for safe installations.

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10K Drive Wrench Assembly for installation of screw anchors. Complete tool system includes Drive Wrench options, Wrench Lock, and Adapter.

Slingco’s Hex Kelly Bar Adapters are a key component in the Drive Wrench Assembly. The adapters are used to connect the Drive Wrench Lock Assembly to the Kelly Bar of the bucket truck. There are two versions available which fit the most common drive bar dimensions.

Slingco’s Drive Wrench Lock Assembly attaches to the adapter and makes the installation of the anchor rod much easier. The three-position rings allow for easy capture of the Drive Wrench and the anchor rod, holding them securely while under torque, and releasing each when needed.

Slingco’s Drive Wrenches are designed to allow anchor rods to telescope inside them, and securing to the Drive Wrench Lock Assembly. The Drive Wrench transfers the torque from the drive motor to the screw anchor. Rated to 10,000 ft-lb of torque, Slingco’s Drive Wrenches are tough and can handle anchor installs in tough environments.

Features and benefits

  • 1.5 in Square Shank Bolted Assembly (#SAE13513)
No. Assembly Part Description
SAE13513 Square Shank Bolted Assembly 1-1/2” square (38.1mm square)


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