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Tools and accessories for safe installations.

Product Details

The Slingco Blanket Magnet is designed to fit through the eyelets of an insulated blanket. Afterwards, the magnet along with the blanket can be placed over energized areas of transformers, switchboards and substations.

The Slingco Blanket Magnet is constructed of ultraviolet-stabilized fiberglass reinforced polymer. This reinforced polymer remains strong and resists breakage, providing a long life for the tool.

Can be placed and repositioned with hot line tools.

Features and benefits

  • Hold insulating blankets in place
  • Easily insert through blanket eyelets
  • Hotstick moveable
Slingco Part No. Height in (mm) Diameter in (mm) Weight lb (g) Magnet rating lb (kg)
PPE10785 2.4 (60.6) 1.75 (44.4) 0.2 (90.7) 120 (54.4)


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