Triplex Dispenser - Slingco ZWM09903

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Tools and accessories for safe installations.

Product Details

The Slingco Triplex dispenser is designed to be permanently mounted for the efficient dispensing of triplex. Slingco’s triplex dispenser is designed to keep linemen safe while saving time and effort. 

Constructed of high strength steel coated in a durable black finish allows the unit to endure the harsh outdoor environments. The high load sealed ball bearing keeps operation and rotation smooth.

Easily adjust break tension with a 3/4" wrench. Simple pull knob operation for loading of triplex coils.

Wire guide allows easy payout and rewinding of triplex.

Features and benefits

  • Adjustable Break Tension
  • Variable arm settings to match coil sizes
Slingco Part No. Coil OUTSIDE Diameter Range (in) Coil INSIDE Diameter Range (in) Coil Width Capacity (in) Weight (lb)
ZWM09903 26 - 32 14 - 20 10.25 54


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