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Product Details

With pre-looped bands for quickly securing grips and other simple banding applications.

Our Fast Banding Tool uses pre-looped punch-style bands for quick and secure banding of cable grips, hoses and other cylindrical items.

Use pre-looped punch style bands to quickly and securely band cable grips, hoses or other cylindrical items.

The bands are pre-looped through the buckle to slide over the end of the item being banded. Just tighten the band using the Slingco Punch Banding Tool then, when the band is tight, just punch the head of the tool and snip off the extra banding. Simple!

The sizes shown refer to the inner loop diameter of the band. Select the size that will comfortably fit over the item being banded.

Features and benefits

  • Quickly bands cable grips, hoses and more
  • Uses pre-looped bands
  • Drop forged construction
  • Standard range of bands available plus custom size option


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