Reel Lifter 5.000 lb - Slingco ZLD09186

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Tools and accessories for safe installations.

Product Details

Makes handling large cable reels quick and easy, on-site or in warehouses.

The Slingco Reel Lifter is a high capacity, compact unit that allows users in the utility construction industry to safely load, transport, and dispense wire and/or cable on-site. It is also used in many industrial applications to make moving and relocating reels in a warehouse easy. Now a task that normally used a team of three or four people can be done with just one, allowing the crew to operate more efficiently!

Features and benefits

  • Rugged construction to lift and upend reels
  • Easy rotation to unroll cable
  • Counterweighted bottom arm for easy insertion in reel
  • Side lifting eye allows reels to be put into a rolling or non-rolling position
Slingco Part No. Arbor Hole Min. (ins) Arbor Hole Max. (ins) Capacity (lb) Weight (lb) Length (ins)
ZLD09186 3 6 5 14.50 21 1/8


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