Splicing Grips - Rotating Barrel 0.50 in - 1.00 in – Slingco ZCS3506

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Tools and accessories for safe installations.

Product Details

Slingco Rotating Barrel Swivel grips have a swivel barrel that rotates when being used in straight line pulling applications to remove torsion. 

Do not use for overhead line work. Two grips and a swivel are recommended for overhead line pulls.

Please note: rotating barrel should not be used over a pulley as it may be too long to clear turns.

Features and benefits

  • Eliminates twist
  • Wide range of options (0.25" - 4.25")
    Slingco Part No. Range (in) Ø A Length (in) B Length (in) C Length (in) D Length (in) Ø E Length (in) Approx. Break Load (lb)
    ZCS3506 0.50 - 1.00 0.75 87.8 40.0 7.9 1.0 7,4


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